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Massage for Men.  

Man to Man Massage. 

Gay Male Massage Therapist.

Mobile Outcall Service by Appt.

Auckland, New Zealand.

In your Home, Hotel, Motel or Air BnB.

After many years of Fulltime - from

June 2023, my availability is currently

on a casual hobby basis only & varies constantly.  I generally only accept

bookings with notice the day prior.  

To check when or if I am availabile

on any given day. Please Enquire.

Diploma of Massage and 

Relaxation Massage Certificate, 

Wellpark Natural Therapy College, 

Auckland. New Zealand.

Uniquely Enigmatic Touch. 

Lingam Touch

Ahhhhhh ~ the Lingam ~ the part of the body, we men generally place a lot of focus on when it comes to being touched in any form of what is considered to be in a sensuous way, and @ EnigmaticBody Massage for Men, Lingam Touch is simply considered to be a natural inclusion of the style of Massage on offer, as to me, when it comes to sensuous style massage for men, it is important to give the whole body the same consideration & respect and without judgement or the ignoring of what are normal & natural reactions to sensuous touch for men, bearing in mind that this is done out of consideration for and honouring the natural intent of Tantra - which is the belief that Lingam Touch awakens & arouses the Kundalani Energy, (sensuous life force),  while encouraging the slow release of deep rooted tension throughout the body.  When done with this in mind, the inclusion is not considered to be sexual, rather it simply creates a beautiful and sensuous touch inclusion, that aids the overall intent of this style of Relaxation Massage with Men in Mind. 


Lingam Touch is :

A Sanskrit Tantra term that simply translates to mean " wand of Light." 

In the English Language - the Lingam refers to the body area known as the Male Genitalia. 


I start here by saying, that if you feel you may be uncomfortable with the inclusion of Lingam Touch, there is the option to leave this touch segment out, however please note this does need to be decided before we commence the massage.   When Lingam Touch is a natural inclusion, (which I do recommend),  the overall time of the touch segment, has a guide time of approx 8 to 10 minutes.  The massage movements used  are not what one would usually associate when the Lingam is touched in any type of sensuous manner, as in they are not considered to be of a typical masturbatory or sexual type of touch, that has a sole focus of sexual release or orgasm, keep reading guys, instead the massage movements tend to be slow and sensuous, with more of a focus on heightening the sensuousness over the whole body,  so as to in a manner of speaking encourage the recipient to extend the overall touch time, beyond what is a normal reaction of orgasm occuring, if it occurs.   again, keep reading guys ...

As the overall massage syle is not actually considered to be sexually based, one of questions that I am asked the most is ...  

Is Sexual Release; (orgasm) ; included as a definite ? 

The answer is both ~ Yes & No ~ as it seems that for most men, during sensuous touch and in particular, when there is a focused inclusion of Lingam Touch, arousal naturally occurs, and given the mindset created when this happens, the thought process often naturally leans to be more sexual based - in turn leading to the need for orgasm, and that is okay.  Infact, in a manner of speaking, I encourage orgasm to occur,  as to me,  when combined with the Tantra belief,  it is natural and normal, when this does occur, it simply helps the receiver be themselves, and therefore the overall relaxation occurs with greater ease.  


Now, lets take a moment to explore when the above does not occur ... 

Even though Lingam Touch is a inclusion with a strong sensuous focus, consideration must be given for the fact that sometimes, this type of sensuous touch or even the massage  itself, maybe a new experience, therefore it is only natural that a little nervousness is present, and when mixed  with the overall meditative state that the receiver may be in by the time this part of the massage is reached, it is not unusual for the sensuous mind & the sensuous body,  to not quite sync in the usual way, and therefore neither arousal or orgasm occur, and is simply considered to be normal, natural and completely okay too, & in reality,  neither should be given to much focus, as thinking to much or placing an expectation for these to occur during the massage, actually distracts from the overall intent - being a deeply meditative relaxation.  

Also worthy of noting here is that...

given the sensuous nature of the style of massage;  it is only natural that arousal for the giver sometimes occurs.   If it does, it is simply considered a normal reaction to the intimacy of the moment.  This atcually doesn't often occur, mostly because the mindset of the giver is focused on delivering a warm heartfelt and meditative sensuous relaxation for the receiver.  Despite there being a sensuous focus during the massage - orgasm for the giver is not an inclusion and therefore should not be an expectation. 

So it seems to be,  that this is one of the things about the inclusion of Lingam Touch, that it is full of contradictions and when combined with the many ways it is portrayed in most media forms, individual perception does dictate... 


"It is this  - and it is that" - all at the same time.

Naturism is ... 

To me - Naturism is a naturally holistic inclusion of everyday life, as being Nude / Naked is one of the most natural things we can do, and during this style of massage, even being inclusive of a little mutual touch, within the realms of sensuous relaxation is okay, while being respectful of each others sensuous touch boundaries. 


I work with an open mind, and within the ideology of sensuous relaxation massage with men in  mind, with an overall intent of creating a calm & safe space - therefore during the massage, naturism, along with all touch, must be of a  gentle, calming & non-judgemental manner,  so as to ensure no negative energy is created, as to me, when that occurs, is when I believe, the moment that the true intent of the massage, simply becomes lost in translation, and the overall outcome of the relaxation is not what is intended. 



During the giving of the  Enigmatic - as the giver, I will generally remain fully clothed in my massage gear - shorts / Dry T-shirt or Singlet.  On occasion if it feels right in the moment, I may choose to give the massage in only my Dry T, or on occasion, I may even join you in full naturism but these should not be an expectation. 

Feeling Comfortable during the Massage.

Let's take a moment and explore the importance of feeling comfortable during a sensuous style Relaxation Massage,  particulary when considering the many reasons men choose to have a massage,  it is important, that as your Natural Therapy / Massage Healer,  I consider this for everybody. 


It may be that you are seeking a totally blissful time out of the daily grind to recharge, and simply feel the need to refocus your sensuous energy;  or;  it may be as simple as you miss being touched, or perhaps its is a little more involved, such as you have recently experienced or even going through a personal Trauma and need to slow down the clutter in your mind a little. 


What ever the reason is, you to choose EnigmaticBodyMassage,  I would like to take this opportunity to assure you,  that this is a nurturing way of regaining some calm in your day, while offering what can only be described as a body positive, holistic & meditative yet sensuous stillness for the mind and body. 


Given the style of Massage, it goes without saying, it is important that personal boundaries are respected during the relaxation time, therefore, if at anytime,  you are uncomfortable with what I am doing,  please simply say so and allow me the opportunity to immediately accommodate a change to the best of my ability, so as to bring a calm back to you.  Equally if I feel your doing anything that makes me feel uncomfortable, or does not reflect the true intent of, then I will indicate this.


I would like to take this opportunity to add - that if the aspects of the style of sensuous touch on offer, such as the natural inclusion of Lingam Touch, which is usually considered to be of a more sensual or sexual focus;  are the sole reason one is considering booking, or when there is an expectation that the massage is more than what is noted throughout this website,  then respectfully said, I am probably not the right choice of Massage / Natural Therapy Healer for you.  


In some form or another - I have been doing sensuous style Relaxation Massage for Men, for many years now, and the further along I go in my own life journey - the more my belief is - that the more sensuous based relaxation sessions or similar connective style of body touch that we indulge overselves in,  such as Yoga or Meditation, the more our mindset adjusts to allow ourselves to delve into the sensuous self, while bringing a calm to our inner spirit.  




General Booking Day Info

The space you choose to have the massage in. 

This should be able to accommodate a Professional Massage Therapy Table that is 1.8 mtrs long and approx 700 wide, plus allow space to move around this with ease.  I also recommend that on my arrival ~ the room is already warmed to a cosy / warm room temperature, of approx cosy 22 degrees, (not generally required in summer), and the lighting is dimmed, curtains are closed and in the evening  - just a single tea light candle going in the background is nice, so as to offer an ambience that is calm & warm, simply aiding your relaxation. 

If available a Sound System with Bluetooth is available to pair with my iphone, I may use this, however I do bring one with me, for which a Power Point close by is required. 

My arrival

I will aim to arrive 10 - 15 minutes before the booking time, to allow plenty of time to set the massage table up & have a brief massage chat. 

Pre-Massage Chat. 
A brief chat / consult is generally done on a more informal basis, and may include going over some of the items as noted in the Massage Considerations. 

Misc Info.
Please shower within the hour before my arrival. 

I recommend avoiding heavy meals within the couple hours prior to your booking time.

It is best to refrain from drinking too much coffee, tea, caffeine or carbonated beverages and water within the couple of hours prior to your booking.

Drinking plenty of water after a massage will assist the process of flushing out any toxins that may have been released during the massage.

Everybody has a different reaction after a relaxation massage, ranging from feeling invigorated to feeling exhausted. There is no right or wrong way to feel, so allowing time afterwards to continue the relaxation process and letting your body recover is important as the massage itself.

General Hygiene
With all massage, having a clean, tidy and calm ambient space to have the Massage in, is an important aspect of feeling comfortable during the relaxation. 

@ EnigmaticBody ~ High standards of hygiene are always in place for each booking; 

Fresh Clean linen is provided - Inclusive of Massage Equipment Covers, Spa Towels. 


Please see Massage Considerations Page for Wellness Considerations & Booking Terms

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