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Massage for Men.  

Man to Man Massage. 

Gay Male Massage Therapist.

Mobile Outcall Service by Appt.

Auckland, New Zealand.

In your Home, Hotel, Motel or Air BnB.

Diploma of Massage and 

Relaxation Massage Certificate, 

Wellpark Natural Therapy College, 

Auckland. New Zealand.


Massage Considerations Page. 

Everything you need to know with regards to Massage & Wellness Considerations, General Booking Day Info, and Booking Terms is on this page. If you require clarification on anything noted - please feel free to contact me to discuss - Txt is Best. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Wellness Considerations


When booking a massage, there are things to consider that, may mean it is not suitable for you to book @ this time.  Therefore, with each booking you make, I send a link to this page with the Confirmation Txt, for you to view and respond to.   


Your reply is required to confirm the booking.  

Please note - that If you are currently on leave for Sickness or other Medical reasons, or If you have had the Flu, a Viral Infection of any kind or Covid or any of the symptons noted below within the 21 days prior to the booking date, please do not book @ this time or for time frames otherwise noted - please advise for my consideration prior to accepting your booking. 


If you are clear on all items / symptoms, simply respond with a statement along the lines of;  

"I have read the page and I am good to go or all clear." 

This must occur prior to my confirming the booking. Thankyou for your understanding. 

Symptoms to consider are as follows; 

fever, headache, muscle aches, backache, chills, exhaustion, swollen lymph nodes, respiratory symptoms such as; (cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, sneezing/runny nose/nasal congestion); loss of sense of smell, or loss of taste, tightness in the chest area or chest pain.

A rash or skin lesions located anywhere on the body, (hands, face, feet, legs, arms, genitals, anal area, etc). This may also present as pimples or blister like and maybe painful or itchy or maybe at the stage of presenting as dry scab like, (dry & hard).

You are currently experiencing, Diarrhoea, Nausea, Vomiting, A general feeling of Malaise - (discomfort/illness or unease), Abdominal Pain, feelings of Confusion or Irritability.

You currently have any type of medically identified skin condition, bruising, rash or open wounds / cuts.

You are @ risk of or are currently experiencing blood clots.

You have higher than considered normal blood pressure  / hypertension. 

You have any kind of heart disease / related illness or have had surgery in this area within the last year. 

You have had any type of surgery within the last year.

You have any type of breathing difficulty.

You are experiencing Liver or Kidney Conditions. 

You have an existing or recent injury.

If you have recently had any kind of bone break or fracture.

You have recently experienced or are currently experiencing any kind of Medical  / Health Condition  - particularly if you are in recovery or healing from or on medication for. 

You are experiencing any kind of Fever, Cold or Flu symptons - no matter how mild it may seem. Please see Wellness Check notes above. 

If your BMI is considered Medically High as this may put you at risk.  

Body weight guidelines. 

@ EnigmaticBody, every-body is welcome, however it is an important aspect of Massage,  that a weight guideline of approx 120 kilos for the receiver is given when booking the Enigmatic as this allows for the Therapy Table weight guidelines.

you must be able to get on and off a Massage Therapy table at approx 700
 high from ground level and easily turn over on the table that is only 800 wide.  

Booking Info and Terms

After many years of fulltime, I have moved to operate only on a very casual hobby basis, offering only a Mobile Outcall Service, that fits around my other committments.  As my availability is limited and can vary @ short notice, bookings are requested on an advance appointment basis only,  with notice the day prior preferred, however on occasion, I maybe available with a minimum of 4 hours notice.  It is best to enquire.

In the event you are travelling on the same day as your booking - please note a confirmation of your arrival at your destination must be recieved prior to my confirming your booking. This must allow for my travel time to be completed with ease. 

All bookings are held on a tentative basis only until the confirmation process is completed.

Your name and a mobile number are required to hold a booking space. 

Full Booking Confirmation are sent via TXT only to form a record of details.  

When you receive the confirmation TXT message, please reply by the time stated to confirm your booking.

Booking confirmation requests not replied to by the time stated, may not be guaranteed and may be released and offered to someone in waiting. 


Payment is to be made via Cash on arrival prior to the Massage beginning. 
note: I do not operate with EFTP
OS / Credit Cards etc. 

All bookings remain tentative until your confirmation is received.  

Tentative means - EnigmaticBody reserves the right to replace or cancel your booking. 

In the rare instances this does occur, a TXT will be sent as soon as possible.

Please note the Cancellation Policy comes into effect on receipt of your Booking Confirmation or the confirm by time - which ever occurs first. 

EnigmaticBody is not GST registered, therefore GST Receipts are not available.

Cancellation Policy. 

I understand that "life" happens and changes can unexpectedly occur @ short notice.  In the event that you do need to cancel, it is appreciated that this is done no later than the Confirm by Time stated in your confirmation Txt Message. 

Without exception, any cancellation that occurs within the 2 hours prior to the booking time,  will incur a Cancellation Fee of $80 - payable by via bank transfer within 6 hours of recieving the notice to pay.  

If payment is not received, then future booking requests - without exception, will require the CXL fee plus the Fee for the current booking to be paid in advance via bank transfer. 

Additional Important Notes: 

EnigmaticBody reserves the right to Release / Cancel bookings, should any of the requested Info as noted on this page and in Confirmation TXT Messages,  not be completed as part of booking confirmation request;  or it is noted when on my arrival, that any of the Wellness and Massage Considerations do apply @ that time, and I have not been previously advised of this. 

Please note that in the instances of me cancelling on arrival - the above Cancellation Policy applies. 

When booking a Massage with EnigmaticBody please note that I have a Zero Tolerance Policy on excess Alcohol and Drugs and in all situations where a client is obvioulsy under the influence of these on my arrival @ or uses these during the massage... please note that, without exception that the booking will be cancelled or concluded effective immediately and full fees as quoted in your confirmation TXT will be charged.

Thankyou for your understanding.

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